Price: $1,599 Inc

Price: $1,599 Inc
Engine Type: GCV190

The new Honda HRX 537 self-propelled (hydrostatic drive) lawn mower, with recoil start, delivers power and performance, allowing you to cut your lawn at your own pace.


The Mow-Safe Technology™ featured in the HRX537 lawnmower uses Blade Brake technology, stopping the blade within three seconds of releasing the handle allowing the engine to continue running. This allows you to step away from the mower to clear away hazards, empty the catcher or take a short break without having to restart the engine.


The HRX537 lawnmower features an incredibly tough NeXite™ 53cm (21") cutting deck. This high impact-resistant material does not dent, rust or corrode and because it's lightweight can easily manoeuvre around your lawn. Honda are so confident in NeXite™ that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. 


HRX537 lawnmower is fully self-propelled by Hydrostatic Cruise Control making your job incomparably easier. If you spend hours mowing or like to take it easier, the HRX537 lawnmower will do the work for you.

Also featured on the HRX537 is Honda’s exclusive twin blade MicroCut® System, which uses four cutting surfaces instead of two. The results are evident in the ultra fine clippings and superior mulching. The clippings are finer than on a regular mower, you’ll be able to mow up to 30% further before you have to empty the catcher bag and your lawn will look great!


The HRX537 lawnmower features Honda's revolutionary Versamow System™, which allows you to mulch, bag, discharge, or shred leaves – or even a combination of mulching and bagging! Just slide the convenient Clip Director® knob to choose how much grass is bagged or mulched. It's the ultimate in convenience and versatility.


53cm (21") Nexite Polymer Chassis

Variable HydroSelf-Drive

Clip Director, Mulch, Catch and Rear Discharge

Honda GCV190

Aluminum Bore

Mow Safe Blade Brake Technology

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