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COVID-19: Hastings Honda is an essential services provider but not open to the public. If you consider you need essential support, or you need purchase information, call Grant on 021 571 714

We will be available for essential service repairs, this will be on a case by case basis and will be by appointment only.
The first point of contact to discuss this will be Grant on 021571714


To ensure everyone’s safety the service will be a ‘no-contact’ service and will have strict processes.

We will advise in more detail of the process when you ring to book but will include

  1.  Staying in your vehicle if you’re bringing your bike in, while we unload/load the bike wearing gloves and PPSE
  2.  Bikes will be cleaned and disinfected prior to staff working on them and as they are collected

We are still offering a pickup service with strict ‘no-contact’ protocols in place.


As we have had a bit of rainfall in the last day or two and more on the horizon, balding tyres in these slippery conditions aren’t ideal, we have started receiving our ATV Winter Tyre orders so we can also supply and fit these to ensure on going H&S compliance.


If you need new or secondhand Farm 2 wheelers, ATVs, or Side by Sides to get the job done, we still have plenty of stock available to supply you with what you need. 

farm bikes image


If you are an essential service and rely on Honda Generators or Honda Pumps then we can supply these to you

honda generators and honda pumps

You will be able to find all our updates and latest info right here on this page, feel free to share it with your friends, family, and neighbours.

Remember to stay safe and well out there and always adhere to isolation protocols. 


For everything else you need to know about COVID-19 please click the link below.




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Great Time User

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One for the kids

WIN a $100 Voucher that can be used instore or online ( ) . Draw a picture of you riding your favourite Honda and send it into us. We know a lot of you have more than 1 favourite Honda so submit more than 1 pic if you want, will be a great way to keep the kids busy over this lockdown. When the lockdown is over we will decide on our favourite and send out a voucher.

TO ENTER: Take a photo of your pic and send by direct message to this page, our Instagram page, email it to or post it and tag us in.

Stay safe!


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